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RCMS Group is a trusted service provider to the building design & construction community. Leveraging the power of Building Information Modeling(BIM), RCMS creates data-rich, high-quality BIM projects and objects for data management and collaboration. Our iBIM suite of products span the building life-cycle - providing variable deliverables aligned with each stage of operation.

Friday, July 2, 2010

I just need a 3D model!!

Many clients request a 3D model, without understanding the power and complexity of data that is embedded in the BIM model. They decide to spend $3k on a BIM (really just a 3D model) and then are surprised by the lack of results. The reality, is sometimes a 3D model is good enough for certain objectives.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

R&D for BIM

How much does a typical GC/Architecture firm spend on R&D?
When I ask Exectutives this question, I typically get a snicker and a chuckle.
The reality is in order to truly develop scalable reliable BIM process, there is significant investment. Forget about even trying to keep up with, "new" BIM applications like energy analyis, integration to existing applications, content development, etc..

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